Natalie Shaheen

Accessibility = #a11y (hashtag used on twitter)

For information on blindness contact the National Federation of the Blind @NFB_Voice

What is Accessibility?

  • Meaningful links (not “click here”)
  • Alt tags
  • Labeled buttons
  • Alternative CAPTCHA
  • Well structured text with sequential headings

Why Should You Care About Accessibility?

Inaccessible Technology that is Common in the Classroom

  • Google docs and Google apps for education
  • Most web 2.0 collaborative editing tools
  • Much of the flash content especially games
  • Glogster
  • Virtual labs
  • Many iOS apps despite the inherent accessibility of the devices
  • Digital text book platforms (i.e. Nook study)
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • PDFs that are not properly formatted
  • Facebook
  • Interactive Whiteboards

How Can You Help?

Come brainstorm about how we can spread the word to other teachers and how we can work together to ensure the technology that we use in our classrooms is accessible to all learners.