Are your ideas your own?
Convened by Bill Stites

notes from arvind:
  • Bill talked to his head about blogging
  • let his head read his blog
  • his head asked him - "who owns those ideas?"
  • are we giving away our intellectual property?
  • how much can you really share that you didn't create?
  • Bill's posts were observations, not necessarily information he thought belonged to the school
  • me: Cluetrain Manifesto - this is the argument for openness -
  • can I share materials that we paid people (faculty, consultants, etc) to produce
  • me: watch David Wiley: Good Teaching is Openness
  • me: anything we do not is outdated already - it doesn't matter, our next curriculum is going to be even better - if people want to do what we did yesterday, great! We are the inspiration
  • remix culture in education
  • social media policies - too many blurry lines
  • Ben Jones talk on letting student blogs be the admissions presence:
  • Use Sun's social media policy to help guide your policy creation