Here are the links for Dec 4 (all at once:
  • The revised prezi I created: here
  • Web site with links to selected resources and people mentioned
  • Google Doc We'll pick up where EdCampKC left off.

Larry Fliegelman

Old Presentation Files
I led a session at the awesomely fantastic EdCampKC on November 6, 2010. I plan on leading a similar conversation about what YOU can do about Education Reform while at EdCampNYC.

Here are the resources I used in KC. I will likely modify all of them in the days leading up to EdCampNYC.

This first link will lead to them all:

If you would rather go individually, here they are:
  • Prezi presentation to start the conversation
  • Web site with links to resources and people mentioned
  • Google Doc of our first draft of a letter to the editor. We talked so much together that we didn't complete the letter. Totally worth it because the conversation was intense.

Dec 4, 2010

Notes from first session (sorry, they are mainly in a stream of consciousness style):
-Waiting for Superman, NBC News Education Nation; Race to No Where (recent movies/discussions)
-Race to the top, why are we competing against each other? Work best when we collaborate, give money to those who need it most
-charter schools, effort to privatize, we privatize everything in US
-testing, accountability (maybe), learning focused (no)…already using scores to evaluate/fire teachers!!! It’s coming, it’s already started, everyone should be thinking about it.
-@DianeRavitch twitter conversations with @pammoran,
-real educators not included in conversations
-start local, talk to the teacher next to you, change conversation in the faculty room; speak up in community, just because a celebrity says it doesn’t mean it’s true or best for education; letters to the editor/congress/blog/tweets post great things happening in your classrooms
-#edchat (twitter); Tuesday nights
-build a PLN (Personal Learning Network)
-Deborah Meiers
-Politicians: Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT); Rep. Judy Chu (CA)
-Letter (to local papers) was started at KC edcamp, continue it to create a template

-system is broken in the sense that we can’t serve all kids equally; but the answer isn’t teaching to national standards across the board/county, need to differentiate
-Admin needs to understand the conversation, too…can’t just track from the beginning based on test scores, they have the power to do that but aren’t educated in that area
-admin needs to give up some control, let teachers lead from the bottom
-new school that has everything a teacher could want to help kids, but teachers aren’t good enough to take advantage of these resources, too much turn over; good teachers spend all their time helping the bad ones, but we have to do that
-we’re still too teacher-centric in our instruction; bring others into your lessons/experts; collaborative teaching culture
-how many of us have a substantial amount of time to talk with teachers around you?
-Some admin just aren’t approachable, too micromanaging…vote w/ your feet, maybe not the best place to stay
-can’t be as good a teacher as you’d want to be if you’re miserable
-“Don’t bring problems, bring solutions.”
-examine the way we educate teachers to be teachers, too easy, seen as the “easy” degree
-smart people don’t always make good teachers, need good training
-no one wants to rate each other based on what they do in the classroom, scared
-Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning-has videos of other teachers in classroom to help with instruction