Come & play the best free educational games, and share your own favorites. How are you using games in your classroom? What can BrainPOP's GameUp do to support teachers using games with students?


Allisyn Levy
Sr. Director, Educator Experience

Thanks to those of you who participated in the session! Below are notes - please feel free to add on, and keep the conversation going on BrainPOP Educators' Gaming Group!

Resources - Favorite Games

Kathleen's Favorite Fun Games
Minecraft- educational discount? Teacher using MineCraft to teach:
Portal - free for educators - problem solving game - pass through 3D environments using "tools" (pretend every door in this building was locked. How could you get through walls? Coorperative team work. Ages 8+.
Edmodo - Education Gamification
Mission U.S. - Revolutionary War game

Student-Made Games

Game Maker (drag & drop)
Stencil Works
Storytelling Alice (digital storytelling)
Gamestar Mechanic

~ have students create their own board games around a topic with unique rules. Have students come up with modifications to make their game easier & harder.

~ deconstruct and recreate an existing game online (ex. Pong, Pac Man, etc), or have students create their own game. Include pre-writing to foresee challenges and how they might overcome them.

~ have students play tic-tac-toe for 10 minutes. Then, challenge them to modify it to make it more interesting!

~ have students critique multiple games
~ students send teacher via email their scores to hold students accountable.
~ use writing to assess
~ create a rubric with the class
~ create a design document - emphasize planning
~ after playing a SS interactive, kids create a colonial character & write from their perspective (participate in social network as character)
~ written reflections - strategies, what did you learn? what would you do differently next time? ideas to improve the game?
~set up wiki for students to continue the conversation -- what did you learn? why was it fun/not fun?

Support for Educators

~ element of modification - so it's not just a 1-stop shop for teachers
~ lesson plans
~ video tutorials (get a glimpse - what would it look like/sound like in a variety of classrooms)
~ webinars (offer at beginner/intermediate/advanced levels)
~ assessment ideas (after kids play, how do you know they "got it?"