How to Run Your Own Edcamp

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Kristen Swanson, Edcamp Philly Co-Founder, @kristenswanson
Kevin Jarrett, Edcamp Philly Co-Founder, @kjarrett
Kim Sivick, Edcamp Philly Co-Founder, @ksivick


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Our Mission Today:
  • Answer questions you may have about the Edcamp format
  • Provide resources, tips & tricks that will make your Edcamp experience awesome
  • Inspire you to start your own

Why YOU should want to be a part of this...
  • Make connections with like-minded educators
  • Learn something new
  • Help others
  • Change the paradigm of teacher PD

First: Determine a mission/goal for the event. (Read part 1 of Mary Beth's series on creating an edcamp)
  • Building a team
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What types of discussions would you like your audience to have?
  • Engage your audience in conversation so they will attend the event.
  • Enlist the help of others--an unconference is hard to put on alone! --> Get a team that GELS

Second: Take care of the "big stuff" (Read part 2 of Mary Beth's series on creating an edcamp)
  • Find a location, date, and secure insurance for your event.
  • Decide how you will handle the finances (PayPal account? Business bank account?)
  • Assign roles to organizers

Third: Get funding! (Read part 3 of Mary Beth's series on creating an edcamp)
  • Develop a press release
  • Contact potential sponsors
  • Prioritize your spending

Fourth: Do all the "little things." (Read part 4 of Mary Beth's series on creating an edcamp)
  • Get a website up and running.
  • Determine if you will provide food.
  • Decide on any little "extras" (lanyards, t-shirts, etc.). <-- These are not necessary. Do not stress about this!
  • Survey your space and decide how many rooms you will have
  • Create a scheduling board


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