Mathematical Art

Anna Weltman and Justin Lanier
Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn, New York
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Justin's blog:
Twitter: @j_lanier

This school year more than ever before, we've been sharing and doing mathematical art with our students.
We're excited to discuss with you the ways mathematical art has become a part of our school and some of our favorite mathematical activities.
From pencil and paper to origami to computer programming, there's something to ignite everyone's imagination and mathematical curiosity.
Come ready to share, learn, and make some art!

Along with Paul Salomon and Max Neesemann, we teach a once-a-week Mathematical Art seminar for high school students.
We'll add a link to their final projects once they're complete.

Our math department hosted its first "MArTH Madness" this spring--a one-day mathematical art festival.
You can see pictures on the MArTH Madness Facebook page.
Reflections on the day by Anna, Justin, and Paul.

Math Munch is a blog that we write for our students that aims to share with them the rich and varied mathematics that can be found on the internet.
In our posts, we often share mathematical art and artists.

Update! A few links:

Vi Hart's website
Vi Hart's YouTube channel
A page by Erik Demaine about origami and hyperbolic paraboloids
The Zometool website
The Geofix website

All of this software is free!
The Scratch programming language website
The Geogebra geometry and graphing software website
Cinderella: another piece of geometry software

A couple of pieces of mathematical artwork, by Justin.